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enter the area of business ownership already rich. The only things one must be rich in to do
this job are character and work ethic.
Work ethic. A trait found in some that drives their desire and ability to be the very best. I've
said it once and I'll say it again: Starting your own business isn't easy. If I weren't driven
by my desire to work for myself in an industry I am passionate about, while providing the
best possible service to the public, I couldn't be the owner of a successful business. This
is not a nine-to-five job. Because I work for myself, it doesn't mean I go into the office
whenever I please, take long vacations multiple times a year, and make a salary that is more
than my fair share based on the work I do. I have to be wise and rational in my decision
making. That takes ethics.
One last word to the wise . . . the Internet is an amazing tool. Never forget that. Use it
to your advantage. Not only can you learn from the Internet by using it for research, you
can also use the web to network, market, and complete day-to-day tasks that are essential
to running your own business. You surfed the web for information to build your business
plan. You hopped online to find the number of a lawyer or graphic designer or maintenance
person. It's great that you have all of that settled, but that doesn't mean the days of using
the Internet to search out solutions to your everyday questions and problems are over. No
such luck, my friend. The “net” will be the first place you turn when in need of anything.
From tools and parts to employees and insurance, the Internet will become your new best
I begin the day using the Internet to handle my online banking, and I end the day using
the Internet to keep my thumb on all possible sales trends within the business that day. My
business website is the heart and face of my company. It's what allowed for those sales
that I tracked all day. Without the Internet, and therefore my website, my business likely
wouldn't be possible. I would have to rely solely on marketing to find my success. Can
you even imagine what marketing would look like without the web? The cost? The effort?
I cringe at the thought.
What has online marketing brought me that is so vitally important, you might ask? The
networking! Without the Internet to help facilitate word of mouth, where would businesses
be? Without the Internet to link one business to another, how would customers search out
and locate services they need? How would I be able to keep my eye on the competition and
stay one step ahead? Sounds dramatic I know, but I think I got your attention and drove my
point home. Don't ever underestimate the power of the Internet when coupled with your
ethics, drive, and passion.
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