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What can you do with an e-mail list? The idea behind the e-mail list is that you've got a
specific list of customers who are interested in what you have to offer—specifically mean-
ing that they want to hear from you. I've always had a “sign up for our newsletter here”
widget on my website that takes a customer e-mail address and stores it in a list for future
use. The best part about this list is that it consists of quality e-mail addresses, not just ran-
dom addresses that have no meaning to you or your business.
E-mail marketing is not dead, contrary to some professionals. Trust me on this. If it were,
then why does almost every site you visit, when you sign up for an account, ask you for
your e-mail address when the account is created? It's because an e-mail address is unique
to you and a direct way to send you promotions and other pertinent information that you
can choose to read or delete.
The benefit of a quality e-mail list is that when you send correspondence to your customers
via e-mail it can be personal. E-mail is a personal thing. You can keep it casual and friendly,
and it's a great way to build trust with your subscribers.
Additionally, e-mail is direct. There's no middleman or pop-up window to work around.
You send an e-mail directly to the customer who is interested in what you have to say!
Finally, it's a private thing. People can sit down and read e-mail on their own time, reply
if they'd like, ask questions, and feel the open communication between you and them. It's
not like replying on a blog or forum where everyone can see and read comments. E-mail is
intended only for its recipient.
The best way to build your e-mail list is to have a signup form on the home page of your
website. It needs to be obvious and inviting. When customers enter their e-mail addresses,
they “opt-in” to receive communication from you, so it's an open invitation to connect.
When you do connect, you can send offers, specials, or simply send a weekly newsletter
about how business is going, how you're improving, or other positive points that you want
to convey.
Tap into the power of the e-mail list and you just might become a newsletter fanatic.
Online Auctions
There's another way to make sales, and that's to run auctions on eBay. I know, you're a
computer repair shop, right? Well, run an auction for a computer repair and you will sell it.
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