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So You Want to Start a HomeBased Computer Repair Business
You've got to have an entrepreneur's spirit if you want to go into business for yourself.
Clearly, you have a feeling about the electronics industry. Let's face it. It's cool, cutting
edge, and the newest handheld electronics are astounding. Just take a look at today's smart-
phones: They are able to play movies, connect to car navigation systems, keep your calen-
dar, play music, and perform a plethora of other functions all while fitting in the palm of
your hand.
I noticed a real need for an electronics repair company just by watching my friends. They
would carelessly toss around their phones and computers and then complain about them as
they stopped working or started to have intermittent problems. Frankly I saw an opportun-
ity. I figured that there were so many devices out in the world that all I needed to do was
offer a legitimate service, run a little advertising, charge fair prices, and the orders would
start coming in. I was right.
I'm not going to sugar-coat this for you. Starting a business is not an easy task. In fact there
are many great ideas out there, like great opportunities that sit stagnant because taking the
leap into the self-employment world is scary and downright impossible for some people.
Again, it's not easy, but people are doing it every day. There are many reasons why people
would dive into their own business. It gives you a passion for your work, you will walk
through life with pride, and the rewards (financial and otherwise) can be great.
If you know people who own a business, you will find that they are tough and worldly. This
comes from the real battles that business owners wage on a daily basis. I personally admire
other business owners, and as you read this you're taking the first step to owning your own
business. I admire you too.
Good luck on your endeavor and remember that it can be done. Hard work pays off, and
you can trust in yourself.
Your Love of Electronics
Were you the kid who took apart his father's home stereo and was able to put it back to-
gether again? Or maybe it never worked again but you were just drawn to the electronics
and the engineering involved? I love electronics and as a youngster I was always drawn to
capacitors, diodes, and electricity in general.
Moving into my adult life the thought of being around cutting-edge devices was always
very exciting and being the first to own these kinds of devices was a goal of mine. I mean
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