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Returning from lunch one day, I noticed that there was an open billboard near my office.
I signed a contract, and, within a month, our billboard was up directing traffic via a large
arrow and a message that implied “Turn right now to have your cracked screen repaired!”
I can attribute about five hundred customers a year to this billboard advertising alone.
I had other friends in other industries who said billboard advertising didn't work for them,
so I was skeptical. However, placement and simplicity are key when thinking about run-
ning a billboard ad, and I can verify that it works in the right situation.
advertising—for your company. Your vehicle will be in the public eye every day and will
hopefully bring in customers as you head to a client's location or head to lunch. Your
company-used vehicle is a prime candidate for an advertising wrap—Consider taking it to
the next ball game, car race, or rock concert and leave your vehicle near an exit. The expos-
ure will be fantastic! The only downfall to advertising like this is that you're always “on”
and you may have a customer approach you when you run to the grocery store or to your
child's school concert. Personally I like this approach, but you may not.
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