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Thinking about your customers and their demographic can be important when considering
other forms of advertising.
A nifty way to make a big splash in advertising, especially if you're going to be providing
on-site services, is to add a graphic to your vehicle. Most simply, you can have a car magnet
made that is easily added when you're on a call or removed when you want your vehicle to
be more personal. This is a good way to reach people when you're on the move and quite
frankly if you're providing on-site services, your customers might feel more secure if you
arrive in a company-labeled vehicle. It brings some legitimacy and security to your busi-
Nothing Wrong with Bartering Some Ad Space
I wanted to try to run some ads in my local high school's monthly newspaper. I called the
editor and asked her for some pricing, and as she listened to the scope of my business, she
asked that I stop by her office.
Her department needed some help with a failing ipad, so I took it in and performed a repair.
Afterward, she suggested that I run an ad and give a discount to students, or even better yet
offer an incentive in the form of a rebate to the school as a donation.
I thought it through and started a campaign called “operation Education” and did that very
thing. As students used my service, I kept track of each invoice and then gave the school a
5 percent donation of the total. I received a tax deduction for my donation and was helping
the school in return. Finally, since I took her advice and was donating to the school there
was an added bonus . . . she ran my ads for free.
There are options to take mobile advertising to a new level. Consider a car wrap. It's a
fast-growing trend in marketing and is quickly becoming the preferred form of outdoor mo-
bile advertising. The computer repair industry is a competitive environment, and a vehicle
graphic can easily be installed on your car or truck to promote your business twenty-four
hours a day!
As a way to communicate with your customers at the lowest cost per impression, a car wrap
offers one of the biggest bangs for the buck of any advertising medium. All you need to do
is your daily routine and your vehicle does the hard part—the
Old Marketing Still Works
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