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forms to the search engines' checklists, the quicker and higher it rises in the resulting search
If you're sitting and waiting for your site to be indexed and ranked, it can be a lot like
watching grass grow. Just keep moving forward, and eventually you'll have to get out that
At its core, publicity is the simple act of making a suggestion to the press or a reporter that
leads to the inclusion of a company or product in a story. Newspapers, magazines, TV pro-
grams, and radio shows have large amounts of space to fill and they depend on publicists to
help provide story ideas, interview subjects, background information, and other material.
I'm Not Bothered by Paparazzi
When I first started running TV commercials, I went big and bought a local super Bowl
spot to run in the Kansas City area. It was a bold move, and I remember many sleepless
nights wondering if I was making the right decision.
The day came, and the super Bowl ads ran. It was an exciting game, even though I can't
remember what teams played that day. I was too focused on my new commercials, and the
anticipation was incredible.
Well it worked—the next day we had a line at our doorstep. There was a wait in our lobby
all day and most customers commented that they “didn't even know that we existed” until
they saw our super Bowl ads. I was relieved that it was taking hold and customers were
happy to find us.
Within an hour, I received a call from a local TV news station that wanted to interview me
as a small-business owner and run a story about a local “success.” Within an hour we had a
news team and a reporter in our service lab filming, and we were excited about our decision
to risk the cost of the super Bowl ad space to get new business.
I spent thirty minutes in front of the camera, nervous as could be, answering questions
about my business for everyone to see. The story aired on TV several times that night, the
day after the super Bowl. The reporter gave me his card and said, “Call me if you ever have
anything exciting that we should know about in the future.” oh yeah!
A week later, I was at the dentist for a routine cleaning. While sitting in the waiting room,
a lady came up to me and said, “Hey, aren't you that computer guy I saw on TV?”
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