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Remember that a blog is something that you are passionate about—and since you're ima-
gining that you're in business for yourself as you read this, your passion will be your busi-
ness. It's great to speak about your business, the trials, the growth, and the new services
that you might offer all in your blog. It's a personal perspective and can garner new cus-
tomers just from their perception of you.
I tend to write blogs on a daily (the best option) or weekly basis. Within my repair blog, I
have posts that are purely personal. Then I have posts that are purely business. I will then
mix the two and have blog entries that start on a personal topic but then move to business.
In all cases, I try to remember that my blog was designed as a marketing tool, so I try to
make my entries appeal to everyone. I never talk about politics, religion, or anything of
a subjective nature because my blog is marketing—and I don't want to drive away a pro-
spective customer with a potentially controversial opinion. If you want a blog to talk about
politics, then start a blog that talks about politics. My advice is to keep these argumentative
topics out of your business arena!
If your blog topics are engaging, you will find that some posts that you never expected oth-
ers to read will garner a lot of attention. Other “masterpieces” will sit stagnant. This is the
beauty of a blog though—as you keep writing you will hit on likable topics that will bring
people to your blog, and since this is a marketing tool, they will pay attention and click a
link to your website. That's the magic of blogging.
Some Blogs Are Worth the Time
so back in 2010 I was busy writing my blog and it was going well. I gathered several loyal
readers and found out that staying on top of my blog and the comments left within proved
to readers that I was attentive and communicative. I always worked in a line or two about
“business” in each post. It happened that we stumbled upon a part for a tablet and in fact it
was the internal frame to the very first Apple ipad. since the first ipad had not been released
at that time and there was much speculation about the ipad, its size, what it would do, if
it would have a camera, and how consumers would use it, I felt that the frame would be a
good blog topic.
Here's that blog posting (notice its simplicity, with two pictures added):
Hello all,
We received our first shipment of ipad parts today. Here's one of the metal internal frames:
upon opening them up and getting our hands on some of these rare items, we immediately
noticed what appears to be a “spot” for
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