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the relationship he developed with me by stopping in to say hi and bring me breakfast every
few weeks showed me that he was willing to work and work hard for me.
Ten years have passed since my first visit from him, and to this day he's my packaging
salesperson. In fact, we are dear friends now, and he's got my business for life.
Doughnuts were his difference maker.
Choose Your Core Values & Implement Them Better Than Anyone Else At your busi-
ness, make your customer the priority. Always. For me, this not only means using the
best possible parts but it also means admitting mistakes and fixing them. When customers
choose your service, they know that they will be treated honestly and fairly.
As soon as you establish your methods and set a standard, there is no time to sit back and
enjoy the ride. You have to keep moving on to what's next, always creating the next great
service, warranty, or feature that no one else has thought of. One of the ways we have done
this is by growing our service line as technology has grown. So you may start out servicing
Windows-based computers, but you need to be flexible and continue to expand your lines.
My son Casey helps to inspire my constant innovation. All I need to do is watch what new
electronic gadget he's into, and then try to provide services for it.
Be Patient
Yes, when you're starting a business this is hard to do, but if you are working too fast,
you're not giving your hard-built brand a chance. You must maintain the integrity of every
service and guarantee you offer, to keep your customer's trust and continued loyalty in the
Marketing 101
As you launch your new small business, you should focus heavily on a complete and ac-
curate website and your ability to conduct e-commerce, which we will discuss further in
chapter 10. There are many components to e-commerce, but to start you will need the fol-
n A product or a service
n A place to sell the product or service—in e-commerce, a website displays the products in
some way and acts as the place
n A way to get people to come to your website
n A way to accept orders—typically an online form of some sort n A way to accept
money—normally a merchant account taking credit-card
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