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In all honesty, marketing has to be my favorite part of owning my own business. This is
my chance to show my individuality and to be creative. When I market my business, I have
a chance to show what sets my company apart from the others in the industry. This is the
time and place to show the customer that a trusted, well-meaning service provider is out
there ready to take on their business with honesty and a work ethic. When I am searching
for a product or service, these are the things I look for. It only seems smart to convey these
same attributes to my customers.
Part of my daily routine is taking time to sniff out the competition. What services do they
provide exactly? What offers are they making to the public? What advertising techniques
are they using? I then assess my own business, asking these same questions. Imitation is
the sincerest form of flattery, and that goes both ways. No one wants to copy the compet-
ition, but sometimes it can't be helped. If I am offering a service or a perk that makes me
successful, others will want to jump on the bandwagon. Watching the competition helps me
to stay ahead of the curve and remain on top in this industry.
In this day and age, marketing has many different forms. If you aren't savvy with Twitter,
Facebook, blogging, Google, etc., you need to read up and get in the know. Identify the
ways the customer is searching for reliable service providers and find a way to get the name
of your business on those lists. That is the heart of marketing and the best way to become
successful and grow.
Think outside the box and get as creative as you can. That is the name of the game. Find a
way to make your business stand out and become a household name. If the name of your
business is what first pops into the heads of customers when they are trying to decide how
to fix the pickle they have found themselves in, then you know that all of your hard work
and great marketing strategies have paid off.
Get moving and get your name out there . . .
Assess the Competition
First and foremost, before you start any marketing plan you're going to want to find out
whom you are competing against and how they are advertising. You might even find that
there are some giants out there that have huge marketing budgets, which may seem intim-
idating. If your goal is to take over the “big boys” market, then you have quite a task ahead
of you and your goals may not be realistic at this time. The simple answer is not to market
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