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For example, cash coming into your business consists of sales in the form of checks, credit
card charges, etc. Cash is the payment that your customers make to you, even though they
may not necessarily pay in actual dollar bills.
Cash going out of your business is all of your expenses, such as rent, telephone bills, in-
ventory, shipping supplies, etc.
Sample Income Worksheet
NeWCo, LLC: Income Statement projection January through December 2014
Ordinary Income/Expense [Jan 1 - Dec 1]
sales $2,979,128.92 Total Income $2,979,128.92 Cost of goods sold
Cost of goods sold $1,068,709.96
state sales Tax paid $24,214.27
Total Cogs $1,092,924.23
gross profit $1,886,204.69
parade $326.66
Television $67,080.20
Total Advertising $67,406.86
Automobile Expense $5,180.14
Bank service Charges $1,004.36
Contract Labor $1,500.75
Credit Card Fees $58,261.66
Delivery service $115.57
Dues and subscriptions $1,731.18
Fees $35.00
Business Auto $5,146.18
Health $45,568.05
Liability Insurance $658.32
Work Comp $995.67
Total Insurance $52,368.22
Interest Expense $1,709.06
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