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In-Depth Information
Value-Added Service
Deliver a complete package for customers that offers more than the competition. Think
about warranties and insurance plans, which are big in the market today. Customers will
continue to come back to you to buy more. Additionally, satisfied customers are more open
to recommendations for related products.
What's Popular
When it comes to selecting services to offer based on what's popular, timing is extremely
important. New trends in electronics can be a great boost to your business, but you'll need
to jump in at the beginning of the product life cycle in order to get the biggest bang for the
buck. Learning to pick a hot product before it becomes hot is a valuable skill that comes
from knowing your market, but training can be limited, so the risk of jumping into a service
line that is relatively unknown should be weighed heavily before a snap decision is made.
Private Label
One way to guarantee a unique business is to have a private label. Your business touts your
services (which include your processes, labor, and experience). This gives you an imme-
diate advantage over other businesses that are simply distributing goods. There are other
ways that you can take advantage of private labeling. Possibly partner with a small business
that makes a product you would enjoy selling, and one that complements your services.
Also consider private-label products that will allow you to brand an item made by another
person with your business name. Now that's genius!
When deciding which services to sell in your store, ask yourself the following question:
Would I offer this to my closest friend? If not, you may want to keep thinking about the
types of services you offer. Product quality and your ability to provide competent services
is extremely important when your reputation is on the line. Before you make any snap de-
cisions and offer repairs that “might” fit your business, research and make educated de-
cisions based on your technical confidence.
It's my opinion that you should keep your service offerings simple in the beginning. If your
line is narrow and focused, then your marketing efforts can be just as tightly focused, which
will bring you the best results for your marketing budget. As your business grows, so can
your service line as long as you keep new services compatible with your type of business,
your location, and your market.
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