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Time to Make a Sale
You're ready. Your website is up, and all you need to do is get an order. You check your
watch, listen for the phone . . . the days may even pass by like an eternity.
The key to getting your first sale is just a bit of patience. I remember my first “natural”
sale. It was “natural” because it wasn't a friend or a neighbor who allowed me to input an
invoice at cost just to test my system. It was a real sale from a real customer who thought I
had the right business for the job.
What's even more exciting, and one hundred times more intimidating, is the first face-to-
face customer. You might be sitting at your desk and see a strange car pull up in front of
your window. You will be nervous, but it'll be time for you to experience a real live cus-
Your job will be to service that customer, and it's my advice to over-service when you can.
Really drive it home. That first customer will always be your first customer, you can only
have one. Make a good impression and you can only benefit from there. You need that first
customer to tell a friend that your business was outstanding. If you maintain that mentality
for every customer you ever have, you will be successful.
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