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4gB memory for 15” macBook pro 1.67gHz Installation Labor
Disk Defragmentation service
19941 West 162nd Street Olathe, Kansas 66062
Date: 2/17/13
sub Total $139.48 Tax
Grand Total $12.06 $151.54
payment Terms: Credit Card or personal Check Validity: 7 days from the day of the quotation. We trust that you will find
our quote satisfactory and we look forward to working with you. please contact us if you have any questions.
By: Ryan Arter Accep-
ted By:
Your quote can be simple and can easily be performed in a word-processing program using
your letterhead.
Start by having your business name, address, telephone number, and website address listed
for contact. Next, clearly label the document as a quote, and add the date of the quote.
Additionally, in the head of the document, add your customer name and address. List the
services required, and then total the amount including tax, if applicable. Finally list your
payment terms and the validity of the quote. For example, “This quote is valid for 7 days.”
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