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function delete(type, id, successCallback, errorCallback)
* This can be used for querying objects based on a property value.
* A single property name can be passed in, along with the value that matches. Any objects with that value for the property
specified will be returned.
* @param {String} type The type of object that will be searched for.
* @param {String} propertyName The property name to be matched.
* @param {String|number} propertyValue The value that property should have.
* @param {Function} successCallback The callback that will be invoked after the query completes. This will be an array
of 0 or more objects of the specified type.
* @param {Function} errorCallback The callback that will be invoked on error scenarios.
function findByProperty(type, propertyName, propertyValue, successCallback, errorCallback)
Finally, we need to define the API for the success and error callbacks. These should be
functions, and conform to the following signature:
* This will be called in all success scenarios.
* @param {any} result The success result, as documented on individual method calls.
function succssCallback(result)
* This will be called in all failure scenarios.
* @param {String} errorCode The type of exception
* @param {String} errorMessage A human readable version of the error message.
function errorCallback(errorCode, errorMessage)
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