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Download the OSX installer from:
Once this has downloaded, perform the following steps:
1. Double click on the DMG file and drag it to applications.
2. Open the finder, and go to the “Applications” folder.
3. Double click on Mongoose.
The Mongoose application can now be configured via the icon in the taskbar at the top of
the screen:
Click on “Edit configuration”. This will open in a text editor. Locate the following line:
# document_root /Applications/
Change the directory to be directory that contains the tasks.html file. In addition, remove the
# at the start of the line, e.g.
document_root /html5/tasks
Quit the Mongoose web server using this menu and restart it (by double clicking on the ap-
plication in the “Applications” folder).
Open Chrome, and enter:
This should show the main tasks web page.
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