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onment that line has access to it, including all local variables (which may be different from
the variables that were available on the line where the breakpoint was hit).
In addition to interacting with the JavaScript environment, the other main purpose of the
debugger is to step through code. This allows you to watch the program execute line by
line in real-time, and makes it easier to understand any issues or defects that may be en-
Stepping through code can be achieved with these controls:
You can hover over each button to see its purpose:
• “Resume script execution” will cause execution to start again.
• “Step over next function call” will step to the line immediately below the one currently
stopped on.
• “Step into the next function call” will cause the debugger to enter any function calls on
the current line in the order that they will be executed.
• “Step out of current function” is useful when you have stepped into a function, but would
now like to return to the point where the code entered the function call.
In cases where your code is split between several files, you can click the “Show navigator”
button in the top right of the debugger and choose the file that contains code you want to
add break points to:
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