HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
This chapter has introduced all the important aspects of jQuery that deal with DOM manip-
ulation. As has been demonstrated, jQuery provides an elegant and concise set of function
calls for selecting, traversing and manipulating the DOM, along with adding event listeners.
Although jQuery does not do anything that could not be done natively with the DOM API
(or other libraries such as Dojo for that matter), jQuery provides the following benefits:
• It takes care of any quirks that may exist in different versions of web browsers.
• It uses the same basic set of selectors as CSS, meaning anyone who understands CSS can
quickly adapt to jQuery.
• It provides a concise and intuitive set of function calls that are easy to learn, and easy to
use in conjunction with one another.
• It is easy to extend jQuery to solve new problems.
• jQuery is widely used, therefore there is a wealth of information and help available online.
There are several aspects of jQuery that have not been examined as yet. Foremost amongst
these are the AJAX API which will be introduced later in this topic. Several other jQuery
topics will be introduced at the appropriate point in the topic.
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