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processing before the DOM has loaded, in which case elements will not be available when
Technically in our case we do not need to worry about this, since our script is
declared at the bottom of the page. It is however a good habit to use the approach
suggested below, even in this case.
In order to detect that the DOM has fully loaded we can listen for the ready event:
As with all event listeners, this accepts a callback function, therefore we will change the
code as follows:
$(document).ready(function() {
$('[required="required"]').prev('label').append( '<span>*</span>').children( 'span').addClass('required');
$('tbody tr:even').addClass('even');
$('#btnAddTask').click(function(evt) {
$('tbody tr').click(function(evt) {
$('td').siblings( ).andSelf( ).toggleClass( 'rowHighlight');
$('#tblTasks tbody').on('click', '.deleteRow', function(evt) {
If you need to delay code execution until all resources have loaded, the load event can be
used instead:
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