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When modifying materials, any and all objects with that
material applied will be changed and updated whenever
you make a change to your materials.
Changing Colors
So let's pick up where we left off by applying materials to our
sphere and changing it to another color. In the Blinn Basic
Parameters rollout in the Material Editor, you will see the
Diffuse color box. It will be gray just like our sphere. Click
on this color box to open a color picker dialog.
If you know the 0 to 255 color range values, you can man-
ually type them in here, or you can easily pick from the color
swatch to the left by clicking and dragging if you like. For now,
let's just pick a nice bright red color. Click OK and we are
done! The sphere is now red.
You may also notice that when you change the diffuse
color, the ambient color changes with it. Ambient color is
simply the background or surrounding color. By default, 3ds
Max locks these two colors so they are the same. If, for some
reason, you ever want an ambient color different from your
diffuse color, just press the Lock button to unlock these two
colors. You are then free to adjust the ambient and diffuse
colors independently of each other.
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