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Click on Computer to reveal its contents in the center pane of the Bridge window.
Continue to double-click on items, or click on the arrows to the left of the folder
names in the Folder panel, to reveal their contents.
You can use Adobe Bridge to navigate your entire system, much as you would by using your computer's directory system.
Managing folders
Adobe Bridge is a great tool for organizing folders and files. It is a simple matter of dragging
and dropping to reorder items on your computer. You can create folders, move folders, move
files from one folder to another, and copy files and folders to other locations; any organizing
task that can be performed on the computer can also be performed in Adobe Bridge. This
is a great way to help keep volumes of images organized for easy accessibility, as well as easy
searching. One advantage of using Adobe Bridge for these tasks is that you have bigger and
better previews of images, PDF files, and movies, with much more information about those
files at your fingertips.
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