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12 On the Tween menu, coni rm that tweening is set to the Previous Frame and the
Frames to Add is 5.
Choose to insert i ve frames in between the frames.
13 Click OK to add i ve frames to your animation. Photoshop interpolates the starting
position, opacity, and layer style between the i rst frame and the 7th frame, thus creating
an animation in which the balloon starts in the bottom-left and rises to the top-right.
In addition to the number of frames to add to the animation, the Tween menu gives you the
ability to choose which layers to include in your frames and which parameters to animate. As the
default, all layers and parameters are included.
14 Select all the frames of your animation by clicking the i rst frame, pressing and
holding the Shift key, and clicking the last frame. The default time for each frame is
5 seconds, which would create a very long animation; you need to reduce this time.
15 With all your frames selected, click the value for Selects frame delay at the bottom of
any frame and select 0.5. Because all the frames are highlighted, the delay time of all
your frames is adjusted.
Select 0.5 as the frame delay time.
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