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Figure 5-1. Chrome synthesizes bold text
Normally, browsers render <h1> , <b> , and <strong> elements in bold. It's clear from Figure 5-1 that Chrome
has attempted to do so with the first heading and the second paragraph. However, if you compare the two
headings, there's a marked difference between the synthesized bold and the genuine bold font. The difference
isn't quite so clear between the second and third paragraphs, although the synthesized version results in the text
being marginally wider. Internet Explorer and Opera also synthesize bold text.
However, if you view the same page in Safari 5.1, there's no attempt to synthesize bold text. As Figure 5-2
shows, it renders both the first heading and the second paragraph using the regular version of the font.
Figure 5-2. Safari 5.1 does not synthesize bold text
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