HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
This chapter has provided a comprehensive overview of how to specify CSS property values with units of
measurement, as well as colors, and file locations. The CSS specifications refer to horizontal and vertical
measurements as “length.” The units of measurement listed in Table 3-1 are supported by all browsers, but you
should take care when using any of the measurements in Tables 3-2 , 3-3 , and 3-4 because they're not supported
in older browsers, including IE 6-8. When using a value with a unit of measurement, make sure there is no space
between the number and the unit.
The new features in the CSS3 Color module, including setting alpha transparency with the rgba() and
hsla() functions, are supported in all current browsers except IE 6-8.
You've now covered the essential basics of CSS. In Part II, you get down to more practical aspects of using
CSS to improve the look of your web pages.
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