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This is demonstrated in numbered_headings_increment.html, which initializes each subsection sequence
at 7 . The section counter is incremented in steps of 5 , and the subsection counter is reduced in steps of 3
like this:
h2 {
counter-reset: subsection 7 ;
h2::before {
counter-increment: section 5 ;
content: counter(chapter) '.' counter(section) ' ';
h3::before {
counter-increment: subsection -3 ;
content: counter(chapter) '.' counter(section) '.' counter(subsection) ' ';
As Figure 15-9 shows, the section numbers begin at 5 and increase in steps of 5 . The subsection numbers
begin at 4 , not 7 , because counter-increment deducts 3 from the start number before displaying the counter. The
sequence continues with negative numbers once it falls below zero.
Figure 15-9. Numbers in a sequence can be increased or decreased by any amount
To reset more than one counter in the same style rule, they must be specified together as a
space-separated list like this: counter-reset: counter1 counter2; . If you put them in separate declarations,
the last one overrides the previous ones following the normal rules of the cascade.
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