HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
<tbody id="q2">
The <tbody> tags divide the table into sections that can be styled independently. The screenshot on the left
of Figure 14-4 shows the table with some simple styles added. Note how the <tfoot> section is displayed at the
bottom of the table, even though it comes before either of the <tbody> sections. This is not the result of the CSS
styles. You can verify this by commenting out the styles in the <head> of the page. The <tfoot> section is still at
the bottom of the table, as shown on the right of Figure 14-4 .
Figure 14-4. Dividing the table into sections allows you to apply different styles
How Browsers Lay Out Tables
That excursion into the lesser known table elements was intended as a prelude to help you understand how
browsers assemble tables in six stages, as follows:
Column groups
Individual columns
Row groups
Individual rows
Individual cells
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