HTML and CSS Reference
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<h3>Class Selectors</h3>
<p>A <dfn>class selector</dfn> applies style rules to elements that have the equivalent
<code>class</code> attribute in their opening HTML tag. For example, the <code>.warning</code>
class selector applies to all elements that have <code>class="warning</code>" in the opening
When viewed in a browser, basic.html looks like Figure 2-3 . The browser adds some default styles, such as
underlining links and displaying unvisited links in blue and visited ones in purple. Most browsers display the text
in the <abbr> tags with a dotted underline, italicize the text in <dfn> tags, and use a monospaced font for the text
in <code> tags.
Browsers that use the WebKit rendering engine, such as safari and google Chrome, don't display <dfn>
elements in italic. Checking the default styling of HTMl elements is one of the major challenges of Css.
Figure 2-3. The page before custom styles have been applied
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