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If you specify two values, the first one applies to horizontal axis and the second one to the vertical axis. For
example, the values for background-repeat in bg_repeat_2vals.html have been amended like this:
#space {
background-repeat: space repeat;
#round {
background-repeat: round repeat;
Figure 8-8 shows the result in IE 9. In the <div> on the left, the horizontal images are spaced out, but the
vertical ones are not. Also, the images in the final row are cut off. In the <div> on the right, the horizontal rows are
not cut of, but the bottom of the final row is.
Figure 8-8. Specifying two values to the background-repeat property affects each axis differently
At the time of this writing, only iE 9+ and opera 10.5+ support space and round . Firefox and earlier
versions of iE treat both single and double values as repeat . Webkit-based browsers, such as Chrome and safari,
accept double values, but treat space and round as no-repeat .
Controlling Background Images During Scrolling
he background-attachment property controls what happens to background images when the page or element is
scrolled. It accepts the following values:
scroll This is the default value. The background is fixed with regard to the element, so
it scrolls with the page.
fixed The background is fixed in relation to the browser viewport, so it remains in the
same position when the page is scrolled. Not supported by IE 6.
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