HTML and CSS Reference
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#main {
width: 65%;
margin-left: 35%;
you need to assign a width to the sidebar and float it into the space on the left
alongside the main content. Although 35% of the wrapper <div> width is available,
filling it completely will make the page look too crowded. make the sidebar a little
narrower like this:
#aside {
float: left;
width: 32%;
save the style sheet, and load the page into a browser. The sidebar is where you
would expect, but most of the main content has disappeared (see Figure 7-20 ).
Figure 7-20. Only the first paragraph of the main content remains at the top of the page
scroll down the page. The first <h2> heading in the main content has been pushed
down below the sidebar, as shown in Figure 7-21 .
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