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gets to the end of the floated image, it flows underneath. However, you can insert an image anywhere you like
inside a paragraph. Figure 7-5 shows what happens if I move the image to the beginning of the third sentence and
float it to the left.
Figure 7-5. The next paragraph also flows around the floated image
Even though the image extends below its parent paragraph, the next paragraph moves into the empty space
alongside the floated element. In this instance, it's almost certainly what you want. But Figure 7-6 shows what
happens in short_para.html, when a short paragraph is followed by a heading.
Figure 7-6. The heading tries to wrap around the floated image
Obviously, one solution is to make sure you have sufficient content to flow alongside your images. However,
you can't always predict how much text you'll have. So you need a way to prevent this type of layout problem.
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