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Figure 6-22. Browsers generate a vertical scrollbar for text, even when only overflow-x is set
As Figure 6-22 shows, Chrome generates a vertical scrollbar for text that's too large to fit the box when
overflow-x is set to auto , hidden , or scroll . All other browsers in widespread use do the same. In the case of
scroll , the horizontal scrollbar is understandable, because the specification says the scrollbar should be added
even if it's not needed. However, it's not clear whether the vertical scrollbars are an incorrect interpretation of the
Figure 6-23 shows the effect of using the same values with overflow-x when an image is too large for the box
(see overflow-x_image.html).
Figure 6-23. Oversized images also generate a vertical scrollbar with overflow-x
The effect of using hidden with overflow-x is easier to understand on an image. The middle box in
Figure 6-23 doesn't have a horizontal scrollbar, so the horizontal overflow is genuinely hidden.
The behavior of overflow-y with text is more straightforward. Figure 6-24 shows the results in overflow-y.html.
Vertical scrollbars are generated by oversized text with auto and by scroll . But hidden results in no scrollbars,
leaving the oversized text inaccessible.
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