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it's been many years since opera stopped using padding on the <body> element. However, setting its
value to zero does no harm.
Centering Block-level Elements
As you learned in Chapter 4 , you center text elements using the text-align property and setting its value to
center . The draft CSS3 box model proposes introducing a similar property, tentatively called alignment or
block-align , for block-level elements. But until the specification is implemented by browsers, you center a
block-level element by giving it a declared width and setting the left and right margins to auto .
The styles in centered.html in the ch06 folder set the width of a <div> to 400px , and use the margin
shorthand property to set its top and bottom margins to 20px and left and right margins to auto like this:
#centered {
background-color: #FFF;
border: 2px solid #999;
width: 400px;
margin: 20px auto;
padding: 20px;
As Figure 6-7 shows, the <div> remains centered regardless of the size of the browser window.
Figure 6-7. Specifying a width and setting horizontal margins to auto centers a block-level element
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