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Creating images
We will explore ways of creating and loading images before we jump into textures. Many
of the functions we see in the Image class also exist in Texture . The following code
demonstrates how to create a 50 x 50 image and fill it with red color:
The first two arguments of the Image::create() function represent the width and
height of the image, and the last argument is the color fill for the image. By default, the col-
or is set to black with alpha 255.
Images can also be created by passing an array of pixels directly. The array must hold ele-
ments of the type Uint8 , which is a single byte of memory. Since Image::create()
requires the colors to be in an RGBA format, we need to make sure that the array holds ex-
actly 4 bytes for each color (1 byte per color component). Every consecutive 4 bytes rep-
resents a pixel of the image grid, which is laid out as rows by columns. Here is an example
of how this can be done:
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