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When should we use a camera?
We don't always have to manipulate the camera. If a game has only one screen (such as a
match-3 game for example), then there is no point in modifying thecamera since it will al-
ways be static in the centre of the board. Other examples might include navigating through
the main menu—again the position of the camera is static, and thus there is no need to do
But let's say that we are making an Role Playing Games ( RPG ), and there is a big world to
explore. In that case, we would definitely want to implement a camera to either move with
our character or in relation to it. Most platformer games work in the same way even though
they have discrete levels. Basically, whenever we have a world (or level) to explore, we
should consider using a camera.
Now that we know the basic concept of a camera, let's look at how to implement one.
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