Agriculture Reference
In-Depth Information
Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally , Robert Kourik, Permanent
Publications, 392pp. Brim full of practical ideas for the garden.
Earth Care Manual , Patrick Whitefield, Permanent Publications, 416pp. Comprehensive
and detailed information on permaculture and it's practical application in Britain and other
temperate countries.
Ecological Aquaculture - A Sustainable Solution , Laurence Hutchinson, Permanent
Publications, 160pp. Offers a design framework for successful ecological aquaculture in all
but the most extreme climates.
The Edible Container Garden - Fresh Food From Tiny Spaces , Michael Guerra, Gaia,
160pp. A guide to growing food in very small gardens, on rooftops, balconies etc.
The Earth Users Guide to Permaculture , Rosemary Morrow, Permanent Publications,
276pp. A very practical and accessible guide well illustrated with drawings photographs.
Gaia's Garden , Toby Hemenway, Chelsea Green Publishing Company (USA), 320pp. A
permaculture approach to gardening with much ecological information.
How to Make a Forest Garden , Patrick Whitefield, Permanent Publications, 192pp. A com-
plete practical guide to designing and growing a forest garden.
Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison & Reny Mia Slay, Tagari, 228pp. Condensed
and updated version of Bill's writings on permaculture.
Local Harvest , Kate de Salincourt, Lawrence & Wishart, 256pp. An overview of the food
system and a guide to different ways of linking farmers directly with consumers.
Melliodora - 10 Years of Sustainable Living , David Holmgren, Holmgren Design Services,
62pp large format. An inspiring example of what one family has done to put permaculture
into practice.
Permaculture - A Beginner's Guide , Graham Burnett, Land & Liberty, 76pp. A permacul-
ture primer with an urban/vegan emphasis.
Plants For A Future - Edible and Useful Plants For a Healthier World , Ken Fern, Per-
manent Publications, 344 pages. Describes a very wide range of plants, which are edible or
otherwise useful.
The Woodland Way , Ben Law, Permanent Publications, 256pp. A permaculture approach
to woodland management by a practising woodsman who is committed to sustainability.
These topics and many more are available by mail order from Permanent Publications,
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Useful Organisations
Agroforestry Research Trust
Researches both plants and combinations of plants highly relevant to permaculture. Also
publishes information and sells plants.
Tel: 01803 840 776
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