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Designers work on many different levels, ranging from the “stroll round the garden and
sketch on the kitchen table” to a full blown report suitable for presenting to local authorities
for planning permission. In addition to their training, designers have considerable experien-
ce from going round many other people's places and seeing what works and what doesn't,
and this can often be their most valuable asset. Different designers have different experien-
ce and skills, some specialising in domestic-scale designs, others in farm-scale. Some have
a particular subject they're especially keen on, such as woodland design or aqua-culture.
But whatever the kind of site, clients can expect to get back what they give in fees many
times over, whether in reduced food and energy bills or increased profitability in the case
of a farm. They can also expect their workload to be cut considerably.
The Association can provide a list of designers on request, and offer advice on how to
choose the one who's right for you.
Further Reading
Centre For Alternative Technology Publications . A series of short books on subjects in-
cluding renewable energy, energy saving in the house, water supply and sewage treatment.
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