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have land which they are not using but do not want to get rid of for some reason. They are
often very pleased if someone comes along and offers to manage it for them.
It is not always necessary to have access to land itself in order to produce food. It can
sometimes be enough to have access to a single element in it. For example, many people
have apple trees in their gardens which they never bother to harvest. The apples simply fall
and rot. It would be very easy to run an 'apple clearance service' and collect all the apples
for juicing. There is money to be made here, either as part of a living, or for funds for a
local permaculture group. There is a man in Australia who became very rich doing just this
with chestnuts.
Above all, permaculture provides a systematic approach to all aspects of ecological liv-
ing. It is a framework within which a host of ideas can be evaluated and seen as part of a
whole. As such, it has great value both for professionals such as architects and town plan-
ners, and for us as individuals in enabling us to decide how we want to live our lives, and
to contribute on a political level to the way our communities are run.
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