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bution and arrange them in a ( K
2 matrix. Call this
matrix Z .
STEP 3: Calculate Y
CZ . The matrix Y is a ( K - 1 )
M K -1
STEP 4: Construct a K
2 matrix X by adding the K -th row to
the Y matrix such that the sum of each column is zero. That
is, the K -th row element of a column is obtained by simply
adding the preceding ( K - 1 ) elements and multiplying the sum
by -1. The matrix X so obtained is a realization from the
matrix normal distribution with mean M and covariance
K *
I D .
STEP 4: Repeat STEPS 1-3 as many number of times as the
required number of observations.
For a three dimensional object, replace the STEP 2 above by:
STEP 2: Generate 3 ( K-1 ) random numbers from N (0,1) distri-
bution and arrange them in a ( K
3 matrix.
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