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Fig. 8.9 A network of the regenerative medicine literature shows 2,507 co-cited references cited
by top 500 publications per year between 2000 and 2011. The work associated with the two labelled
references was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine
prone. In a review article published in April 2011, Ben-David and Benvenisty (Ben-
David and Benvenisty 2011 ) reviewed the tumorigenicity of human embryonic
and iPSCs. Zhao et al. challenged a generally held assumption concerning the
immunogenicity of iPSCs in an article (Zhao et al. 2011 ) on May 13, 2011. The
immunogenicity of iPSCs has clinical implications on therapeutically valuable cells
derived from patient-specific iPSCs.
In summary, a series of more recent articles have re-examined several funda-
mental assumptions and properties of iPSCs with more profound considerations
for clinical and therapeutic implications on regenerative medicine (Patterson et al.
2012 )(Fig. 8.9 ).
Lessons Learned
The analysis of the literature of regenerative medicine and a citation-based
expansion has outlined the evolutionary trajectory of the collective knowledge over
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