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Fig. 3.7
Visualization of 279 images by layout
chapter to explore the difference between structures detected by different feature
extraction techniques.
Color- and layout-based visualization schemes turned out to have significantly
similar structures (Table 3.1 ). The magnitude of structural similarity is 0.182. This
suggests that these two visualizations reveal some salient characteristics of the
image database.
Pathfinder networks of images by color and by texture are completely different.
They share only two common links (Table 3.2 ). This confirms our visual inspection
of the networks. The network similarity is 0.004.
Layout- and texture-based visualizations are also very different (See Table 3.3 ).
They share only one common link. The network similarity is 0.002. The color-based
visualization has the least number of links (279). The layout-based version has the
largest number of links (319).
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