Database Reference
In-Depth Information
This line displays the value returned by the function.
Short Answer type question
Fill in the blanks
1. PL/SQL stands for ………….
2. …………. is used to display messages to the user.
3. The EXIT statement causes a loop to …………. when the EXIT condition evaluates to
4. The reserved word WHILE marks the …………. of a loop.
5. DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE is used to ………….
State True or False
1. SQL statements combined into PL/SQL blocks cause an increase in the network traffic
2. PUT_LINE is one of the procedures from the DBMS_OUTPUT package.
3. DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE writes information to the buffer for storage before it is
displayed on the screen.
4. When a condition of the IF-THEN-ELSE construct is evaluated to NULL, control is
passed to the first executable statement after END IF.
5. CASE statements cannot be nested one inside the other.
6. What value must the test condition evaluate to in order for the loop to terminate?
Multiple type questions
1. Which of the following sections is mandatory for a PL/SQL block? a) Exception-hand-
ling section
b) Executable section
c) Declaration section
d) All
2. How many actions can you specify in an IF-THEN-ELSE statement? a) One
b) Two
c) Four
d) As many as you require
3. A CASE construct is a control statement for which of the following? a) Sequence struc-
b) Iteration structure
c) Selection structure
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