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For example in a university / college, it is job of the DBA to make sure that DBMS makes
the correct address of students or staff available from one central storage. Some of the roles
of the DBA may include:
 Installation/ Upgradation / Configuration of software and hardware: It is job of the DBA
to install DBMS software, application software, and other software related to DBMS ad-
ministration. DBA test new software before it is moved into a production environment.
DBA also configure hardware and software.
 Security administration: In client/server or distributed computing where number of users
share databases, security is very important issue. DBA monitors and administers DBMS
security. The DBA is also responsible for assigning users to databases and determining the
proper security level for each user. Within each database, the DBA is responsible for as-
signing permissions to the various database objects such as tables, views, and stored pro-
 Database design: The DBA is often involved at the preliminary database-design stages.
The DBA is the person who is well familiar with DBMS and system, so helps the other
users like development team with special performance considerations and can point out po-
tential problems.
 Data analysis: It is also very important to analyze store data to increase performance and
efficiency of system. The DBA is called on to perform this task data analysis.
 Data modeling and optimization: By modeling the data, it is possible to optimize the sys-
tem layouts to take the most advantage of the I/O subsystem. System administrator per-
forms periodic maintenance. DBA also understand and implement of schemas (layout of
 Performing Backup and Recovery : Backup and recovery are the DBA's most critical
tasks; they include the following aspects:
Establishing standards and schedules for database backups
Developing recovery procedures for each database
Making sure that the backup schedules meet the recovery requirements
a. Establishing and Enforcing Standards — The DBA should establish naming conventions
and standards for the DBMS Server and databases and make sure that everyone sticks to
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