Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Fig. 10.6 Results of visu-
alization of the urban data
from the Hyperion using a
the bilateral filtering-based
technique, b the Bayesian
technique (reproduced from
Fig. 5.2 b ), c the variational
technique, d the optimization-
based technique (reproduced
from Fig. 7.1 b ), e the three
band selection technique, f
the piecewise linear function
technique, and g the color
matching function technique
This procedure was completed in 320 s for the AVIRIS datasets, and in 98 s for the
Hyperion datasets on the same computer system described earlier. The second part
of the technique is estimation of the fused image from the so obtained
This being an iterative procedure, the exact time for the convergence of the solution
varies with the data, and the parameters of the algorithm. The average time required
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