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Fig. 8.5 Plots of Bhattacharyya coefficient between the resultant image from the fusion of entire
data and the resultant images for various values of
for the urban and the moffett 2 data using
the bilateral filtering-based fusion technique over the subsets selected using the output-based band
selection scheme
for the output-based band selection scheme
can be provided by Eq. ( 8.3 ) which is quite similar to the requirement for the input-
based band selection scheme discussed in Chap. 4 .
The computational requirement W
(κ) = γ B(κ) +
c E ,
, and c E denotes
the amount of computation for the evaluation of conditional entropies of the succes-
sive image bands. The
is the number of bands selected for a given threshold
factor represents the proportionality factor to account for
computational requirements of a chosen fusion technique. The only difference lies in
the fact that an intermediate fusion has been carried out first before the computation
of the conditional entropies, unlike in the input-based scheme wherein fusion fol-
lows the entropy computation. This inherently assumes that one uses an incremental
fusion technique for the output-based scheme. The incremental fusion makes use
of the resultant of the previous intermediate fusion for carrying out the next fusion
process. Thus, if F
is the intermediate fused image from fusion of upto
bands from the data using the fusion technique
(the actual number of bands being
fused might be much less than
), and I k be
the next input band to be selected for fusion, then the output of the fusion, i.e., F k ,is
obtained as F k F(
depending upon the values of
. Unfortunately, the incremental fusion methods may
suffer from numerical inaccuracies, and one may have to recompute the fusion of all
selected bands after every additional selection of a band. In this scenario, the compu-
tation increases after every selected band and one may not have any computational
advantage over the normal scheme of fusion of all bands.
F k 1 ,
I k )
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