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Web service A software application identified by a URI, whose
interfaces and bindings are capable of being defined, described, and
discovered as XML artifacts. A Web service supports direct interac-
tions with other software agents using XML-based messages
exchanged via Internet-based protocols.
weight A numeric value associated with an attribute or case.
Weights associated with attributes instruct the DME to consider the
contribution of attributes with greater weights more important than
those with lesser weights. Weights associated with cases—by identi-
fying an attribute as containing weight values—instruct the DME to
consider the contribution of cases with greater weights more impor-
tant that those with lesser weights.
[JSR-73 2005] “Java Specification Request 73: Java Data Mining (JDM),”
Maintenance Release v1.1, June 2005,
[JSR-247 2006] “Java Specification Request 247: Java Data Mining (JDM),”
Early Review Draft Release v1.9, January 2006,
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