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import The operation that supports taking mining objects from an
external system such as a file or database table cell and importing
them to the DME and MOR. In JDM, import is performed using an
import task . See also export .
incremental learning An aspect of model building that refines or
enhances an existing model by taking into account new data, thereby
avoiding the need to rebuild the model on the complete dataset.
item An element that can be compared against another to deter-
mine if they are different. Typically used in the context of association
models. For market basket analysis, an item may correspond to a
retail product.
itemset A set of items, typically used as an antecedent or conse-
quent in a rule, as produced from an association model. No item in
an itemset can appear more than once. Itemsets can be compared to
determine if they are different.
Java Data Mining A Java Community Process based standard
supporting data mining, Java Specification Request 73 for JDM 1.x
and Java Specification Request 247 for JDM 2.0.
Java Specification Request (JSR) The actual description of a
proposed and final specification for the Java platform following
Sun's Java Community Process. See
JDM See Java Data Mining .
JDM implementation A JDM technology-enabled client API data
mining engine, and mining object repository.
JMI Java Metadata Interface (JSR-40)
JMS Java Messaging Service (JSR-914)
JSR See Java Specification Request .
lift A measure of how well a classification model improves identify-
ing or prediction cases with the positive target value over a random
selection given actual results. Lift may also be used as a measure to
compare different data mining models. Since lift is computed using a
dataset with actual outcomes, lift compares how well a model per-
forms with respect to this dataset on predicted outcomes. Lift allows a
user to infer how a model will perform on new data.
logical attribute A description of a domain of data used as input to
mining operations. Logical attributes specify attribute type, data
preparation status, among others.
logical data A set of logical attributes used as input to building a
data mining model.
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