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apply The data mining operation that scores data using a data
mining model (i.e., it applies a model to apply data to produce results
according to apply settings ). In JDM, apply is performed using an
apply task .
apply data The data used as input when applying a model.
apply settings A user specification detailing the output desired from
applying a model to data. This output may include predicted values,
associated probabilities, key values, and other supplementary data.
apply task A task that when executed applies the specified model
to the apply data. The results are produced according to the apply
settings .
association A data mining technique that identifies relationships
among items, producing association rules . One of the JDM mining
association rules Association rules capture co-occurrence of items
among transactions. A typical rule is an implication of the form A B,
which means that the presence of itemset A implies the presence of
itemset B with certain support and confidence. The support of the
rule is the ratio of the number of transactions where the itemsets A
and B are present to the total number of transactions. The confidence
of the rule is the ratio of the number of transactions where the
itemsets A and B are present to the number of transactions where
itemset A is present. See also antecedent and consequent .
attribute A generic column of data, minimally with a name and
datatype. There are several specializations of attribute; see logical
attribute , physical attribute , and signature attribute .
Attributes are used in statistics, data mining, and other disciplines to
describe observations, objects, data records, and other entities.
Attributes are also referred to as variables, fields, columns, dimensions,
features, and properties. Attributes are often categorized with regard to
their mathematical properties, that is, in terms of the intrinsic organiza-
tion or structure of the associated values (or value range or scale).
attribute assignment The mapping of one attribute to another used
to associate input data with a model's attributes, or a model's output
with an output table.
attribute importance A data mining technique that ranks the
attributes in order of influence to predicting a target, or importance
to model quality. One of the JDM mining functions. Also, a measure
of the importance of an attribute within a model as recorded in the
model signature.
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