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The Minimum Implementation
Because JDM is structured into packages, the implementer decides
which packages to include. The packages required for all implemen-
tations are listed in the specification document:
Javax.datamining must implement Collection, Verification-
Report, Exception, and ExecutionHandle classes .
Javax.datamining.base must implement NamedObject , Mining-
Object, BuildSettings, Models, Tasks, and TestMetrics classes.
AlgorithmSettings and AttributeStatisticSet can be left
optional depending on the capabilities. Persistence can be
supported for a given list of mining objects, so no extra
effort is required from the vendor on required persistence.
Javax.datamining.resource must implement the Connection-
Factory, ConnectionSpec , and Connection interfaces. This con-
nection contains the needed information about the physical
connection to the DME, as well as the information related to
the working session. must implement the PhysicalDataSet ,
PhysicalDataRecord , and PhysicalAttribute with their associ-
ated factories, and ModelSignature, SignatureAttribute , and
Taxonomy interfaces. LogicalData and LogicalAttribute can be
left optional depending on the capabilities.
Javax.datamining.task must implement the tasks that will be
supported. The minimum implementation is to support
only synchronous execution of the supported tasks, which
would require minimum implementation effort in most
Javax.datamining.statistics must be implemented if the
implementation supports the build statistics tasks.
JDM also defines a scoring engine conformance option that allows
implementing only those JDM features required for scoring data (i.e.,
invoking model apply behavior). Details are provided in the JDM
specification [JDM II 2006].
Vendor Extensions
Data mining implementers may have variations of the JDM stan-
dard functions/algorithms as well as new functions/algorithms
that are not defined in the current standard. JDM is designed to
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