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It should be noted that all models created through KJDM can be
exported to UDF (user defined functions), which allows use of a
database as a scoring engine without data transfer. Models exported
in such a way are seen as native database functions and can be used
as such in any SQL statements.
KXEN Web Services Implementation
KJDM provides a Web services implementation that has been
developed with Apache-Axis. It can be safely installed on any J2EE
server framework such as Apache Tomcat. KJDM Web services
implements all Web services interface defined by JDM 1.1. The KJDM
Web services architecture is shown in Figure 16-4.
KJDM Web services implementation is provided as a war file,
KxServices.war , to be deployed under a J2EE server. It implements all
JDM Web services: saveObject, removeObject, renameObject, execute-
Task, terminateTask, getExecutionStatus, getObject, listContents, getSub-
Objects, getCapabilities, and verifyObject.
KJDM Web services can be configured through a configuration file
in which are specified the ConnectionClass, the ConnectionURI, the
DME user name, and password; this implementation could be con-
nected to any valid JDM implementation.
Web Services
Figure 16-4
KJDM Web services architecture.
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