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the URI to transfer initial parameter settings to KXEN DME. The
possible query keys are:
Lang: the language used to forward error messages to the
user (default is en ).
Country: the country used to localize error messages and
reports to the user (default is US ).
MORClass: < Kxen.FileStore | Kxen.ODBCStore >. This is
the KXEN class name of the repository; it can be either
stored into files within directories or tables within an ODBC
source (default is Kxen.FileStore ).
MORName: <Directory path containing MOR files |
ODBC source name containing the MOR tables>: The
default is “/ temp ”.
MORLogin: login to be used to open the MOR (default is ) “”.
MORPwd: password to be used to open the MOR (default
is “”).
Table 16-7 provides some examples of URI to provide at connection
creation time for in-process and out-of-process engines.
The first example in the table means to connect on the local
machine to KXEN Analytic Framework through Java Native Inter-
face, with the license file contained on the current directory “.” called
KxJDM.cfg (license files contain keys that activate KXEN compo-
nents). The language and country are then specified: these settings
are used to localize the error messages. Because the MOR is not spec-
ified, the default MOR will be used: temporary files on / tmp .
The second example in Table 16-7 shows how to connect to the
CORBA service referenced as MarketingServer on the name service
accessed through port 12345 on the machine named apollon . This
DME will be using a MOR accessed through the ODBC source called
MyBase using the default login for this ODBC source.
Listing 16-3 shows a typical connection creation sequence of KJDM.
Table 16-7
In-process integration
Out-process integration
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