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Figure 16-1
Oracle Java Data Mining architecture.
Table 16-1
Oracle Java Data Mining named objects mapping to database object
JDM Named Object
Oracle Database Object
Mining Model
Mining Model object in the database
Build Settings
Table that contains the settings details
Cost Matrix
Table that contains the cost details
Ta s k
Database job created using the DBMS_SCHEDULER [ORADBADMIN]
Test Metrics
Table that contains the test metrics details
Apply Settings
Stored as transient object with the Connection
Stored as transient object with the Connection
OJDM API does not support this as database views provide JDM logical data
database tables. By mapping JDM objects to database objects, OJDM
requires no additional installation steps, such as additional schemas
or server-side libraries. In addition, the database administrator
(DBA) tasks for maintenance, such as backup and recovery, import/
export of models, and the migration of JDM objects during software
upgrade, are greatly simplified.
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